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Now the living container development situation how!

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  When a new product enters the market, after it has been used for a period of time, people will be concerned about its development, especially when businesses want to make investment. Shenzhen living container is the same. So how is the development of living container now?

For the moment, live one container is generally divided into white top white box, iron box and iron box three categories, including white top white box type of live container price is generally 10000 yuan each, iron roof white box type of living person container price is generally 11500 yuan each, iron box type of live person container price is generally 16000 yuan each, and class A fire live one container than the average person container high price 2000 yuan.

In many metropolitan areas, although are high-rise buildings, traffic, but can also see a lot of people living in the container stands. This kind of living container has gradually replaced many simple mobile houses in the temporary construction market. The living container walking between high-rise buildings has become a beautiful scenery in many cities and a good product praised by international friends due to its neat and beautiful appearance. This kind of living container has been fully integrated in the production workshop, and can be directly used after the installation of the specialized technical personnel, which is very simple and labor-saving.
   Residential containers can also be rented. In this way, the resident container manufacturer can lease more products and collect the deposit for operation, so that the production, rental and sales can be carried out smoothly and the factory can develop normally. The launch of residential container leasing mode enables customers to obtain the right to use the residential container at a lower price and experience the safety and comfort of the residential container. Because of the problem of land use right, currently living containers are mostly used for temporary mobile houses on construction sites. Generally, construction sites are rented to workers for use, which can be used to make dormitories, kitchens, toilets, offices, guard booths, etc., and the living environment is guaranteed.

Now the living container development is very fast, and now a lot of places are everywhere can see the figure of living container.      

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