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What are the five inspection and purchase criteria for living containers?

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  When we are choosing a product, can undertake checking to oneself product, it is to check the exterior commonly, see have where damage, go checking a few other things rarely commonly, shenzhen lives container also is same, so what is the 5 big check that lives container choose and buy criterion? Below let small make up to tell us.

1. External inspection. External inspection refers to the inspection on six sides of the box, whether there is any external damage, deformation, such as cracks, if there is, it is necessary to make repair site marks.

2. Internal inspection. The internal inspection is to check the inside of the box on six sides, whether there is water leakage, light leakage, no stains, water marks, etc..

3. Inspection of the door. Check whether the door is intact, whether the door is watertight around, whether the door lock is complete, and whether the door can be opened repeatedly.

4. Cleaning inspection. Cleaning inspection refers to whether the box room residues, pollutants, corrosion odor, water wet. If it does not meet the requirements, it should be cleaned or even replaced.

5. Check accessories. The inspection of attachments refers to the inspection of the strengthened ring connection status of containers, such as the strut of the pallet container, the upper extension structure of the flat container and the open shed container.      

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