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How to solve these common problems of mobile sentry box?

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  Because of the material in the open air, and daily experiences, some problems are inevitable, even our own house there will be leakage problem, what's more, the activities of stainless steel box, so today we will learn about the comparison of several common this method to resolve the problem!
1. Grease problem: organic matter, oil, grease and even fingerprint will become the source of corrosion of stainless steel guard box. These substances act as a barrier and must be thoroughly removed.

Treatment: a substance similar to sawdust can easily absorb all the grease on the surface of the guard box, and then wipe the surface of the guard box with cloth scraps.

2, scratches: in order to prevent the stainless steel booth process lubricant or products, dirt deposit, it is necessary to stainless steel booth scratches and other rough surface mechanical cleaning.

Treatment: under the condition of not damaging the surface protection layer of the stainless steel, use certain nylon to gently sweep the scratches.

3, rust spot problem: before or after the production of stainless steel products may see the surface rust, which indicates that the surface protection layer has been damaged.

Treatment: the stainless steel box rust must be removed before use, the surface should be coated with a layer of anti-rust oil.

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