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What should be paid attention to in the transformation of packing shops?

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  Now we can see in the street there are many containers stores, because the mobile is very convenient, so it is very popular, but small make up in the street to see are some of the smaller container, it also has a lot of big, decorate very good-looking, let's learn about the packing shop at the time of transformation need to pay attention to what issues?
1. Standardized unit body: the feature of container building is the standardization of size. Container building units come from off-the-shelf containers and are limited by the size of existing containers, most of which have uniform dimensions. The figure below is the three commonly used sizes. It can be seen that the net space available is relatively narrow, the indoor height is relatively low, and the horizontal space is narrow and long. Full consideration of ergonomics has a great impact on customer experience and building quality. You can stack several containers on top of each other, but you have to take the structure and safety into account, not to mention opening up the vertical space, which requires a strong structure to stabilize.

2. Service life: the service life of containers in the transportation industry is generally 10-15 years. The undamaged containers still have good physical properties and can be used for another 15 years

3. The protective measures: container material affected by the physical characteristics of metal structure itself, heat conduction ability, heat preservation and heat insulation performance is poor, make indoor thermal environment is not stable, need additional heat preservation and heat insulation layer can effectively control and internal environment, and in the southern region need to shade the container body with insulation, can save a energy costs; In addition, the container is easy to rust, need for the container inside and outside the brush rust paint to prevent corrosion. To note is that the international shipping in transit often in order to prevent the spread of diseases and insect pests, part used the cr * * production container paint salt, phosphorus or lead paint, so need to identify the body of origin before into the store, for part of the case to the original residual paint burnish drops to the safe use.

4. Appearance: the best principle is that the building can become an exquisite exhibit in the city, and at the same time, customers can see that the building is from a container, so as to reflect the breath of novelty and art. The exterior tone is simple and atmospheric, which together with the dislocation constitutes an interesting facade modeling. To lead new elements into urban space.      

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