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What are the problems with living in containers in winter?

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What are the problems with living in containers in winter?

People are afraid of cold in winter, but we have living containers. Many customers are asking what we should pay attention to if we use living containers in winter.

Winter weather is cold, lived a man inside the container to use heating, air conditioning or for the people of the north, they are generally concentrated heating, heating equipment through the whole site, every living person inside the container has a heat, don't worry about the problem of heating, but should pay attention to drink plenty of water, in case of a variety of diseases caused by indoor air is dry. Heating is a problem for southerners, who generally do not have central heating and have no choice but to install air-conditioning or buy heating equipment. For the people living in the container, open air conditioning power consumption is very large, open air conditioning all day every month electricity bill is a little difficult to bear, so people generally choose less power consumption heating equipment, such as electric fan, electric blanket, electric hot water bag, put on more clothes, warm hands and feet, in the house can be comfortable through the winter.




  The use of electrical appliances in living containers should pay attention to fire safety, winter weather is dry, the use of internal heating equipment living containers will aggravate the degree of air drying, the temperature is more prone to fire, people should pay attention to the safety of electricity, to prevent the occurrence of fire. In many cases, the fire inside the living container is caused by people pulling wires and using appliances indiscriminately. People's weak awareness of fire prevention aggravates the fire. However, many people do not have fire extinguishers in their containers. Once a fire breaks out, they have to rely on manual extinguishing, which is rather troublesome. The fire cannot be put out for a long time, resulting in the spread of the fire and greater losses. At the same time, whether the sandwich board material of the living container is fireproof or not also has an important impact on the fire safety of the living container. The use of fireproof material as the sandwich board and core material can further reduce the probability of fire and better ensure the fire safety of the living container.

In winter, when the air is dry, users of living containers should pay special attention to fire and electricity safety for heating. In this way, more scientific and safe heating can be carried out to ensure fire safety so as to live a safer and more comfortable life.


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