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Do you know how to classify containers?

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Do you know how to classify containers?

I believe that most consumers are familiar with the existence of process containers, especially companies engaged in the import and export of goods trade, will inevitably through the moderate price of process containers to store goods. In the market, the production enterprises taking this content as the business target keep emerging. The several major characteristics of the process container have created its position in the market and continuously attracted the attention of customers. Due to the diversity of goods, the classification of process containers has become more accurate.




  1. General cargo container with strong universality

Like some common goods can be placed directly in the process of the grocery container, the characteristics of these goods is no special requirements for the temperature, itself in a relatively dry state, can be stacked in a large area.

2. Containers specially used for bulk storage

If it is powder or granular objects, the flow of its own strong, so can be stored in the bulk class process container. The container is provided with a partition to prevent articles from floating around and the four corners are not easily blocked by these articles.

3. Refrigerated container with refrigerator

For some frozen food with strict requirements on temperature, it must be stored in the refrigerated process container with its own freezer. It is worth noting that the cost of this type of container is relatively high, and the storage is usually completed in the form of leasing.

4. Livestock containers with ventilation facilities

If the cargo being transported is vital, such as a variety of livestock, then a process container with ventilation facilities must be selected, with feeding and defecation devices placed inside to ensure the safety of livestock and maintain sanitary conditions.

Process containers can be roughly divided into the above four categories according to the different types of goods. Of course, there are also process containers specially used for loading and unloading liquids, and two-layer containers for transporting automobiles. It can be seen that the type of container changes with the characteristics of the goods, which greatly facilitates the user and transportation personnel, and can naturally guarantee the integrity of the goods.


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