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Shenzhen mengren deraosi container co., LTD is a group enterprise of Chinese famous brands. Mengren is one of the most famous brands in the container mobile home industry. Shenzhen fierce person must rouse container co., LTD., based in shenzhen, in shenzhen and nearby cities provide temporary accommodation, temporary office workers, factory workshop, field operations sites, mobile office, temporary warehouse and military outpost activity control box, and other products, the company since its establishment, the customer in a short period of time the conquered, we produce container trailer, in one container, container house trailer in shenzhen has won a good reputation, let overshadowed the prefabricated houses, 3 yuan a day's rent is to let a lot of customers.

Although we have achieved good results in the industry, but we are not satisfied, because our mission - to become the successor of the board house has not been completed. Live person container mobile house already made a kind of fashionable tide, it installs fast, safe and reliable, economy material benefit, green environmental protection to wait, these respects exceeded mobile board room.

Performance pledge:

1. Installation in 15 minutes and check-in in 1 hour.

2. From 4 yuan per day for each box.

3, 24-hour response, lifelong service.

5, low rent, absolutely better than peers.

6. Personalized customization is up to you.

Service tenet: "based on security, service-oriented and customer-centered".

Service goal: to be a leading enterprise in the industry and establish a benchmark for peer management.

Service areas: dongguan, shenzhen, foshan, guangzhou, shenzhen, huizhou, the entire guangdong region.

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Hotline: 13927452631

Company address: room 103, no. 411, jihua road, buji town, buji street, longgang district, shenzhen

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